3 Little Words

3 little words. They can really change a person. They can build you up and make you better.

It was May 31 when my boyfriend and me were sitting on the couch and he looked over at me and said “give me $20.”

Naturally, I asked what for. He said we should bet who can exercise the most during the first week of June. “Whoever wins gets the money, and if we tie, we take the money and go for lunch together,” he said.

For anyone who knows me, you’d know I love being challenged by a man. Nothing makes me more motivated than being able to kick a guy’s butt in something. So I thought, well hell, it’s a win-win for me, because I’m either going to win (I wouldn’t allow myself not to) or I’d get to have lunch with my guy.

So…we both put down a $20 bill.

We are nearing the end of week one and I’m in the lead! And all it took was three days of working out in a row to get me hooked. Once you start feeling your muscles tightening up, or you overcome being sore and just work out anyways, you’ll feel amazing about yourself.

I used to do a hard work out and then used that as an excuse not to do anything physically active the next day. But this bet brought me back to the consistency of training in sport, and I realized how important it is to continuously workout so your muscles can build memory and then give you the results you want!

So I challenge you….Find a partner and put some money on the table. Even if it’s just $5. You might surprise yourself with how active and consistent you can be, AND you might end up just a little bit richer if you don’t give up. It’s only a week, let’s see what you can do!





When You Want to Give Up at the Gym, Try This Simple Trick

The other day I was at the gym and felt like giving up. It had been a long week and I  wanted to take a nap more than anything else.

But before going to the gym, I told myself I absolutely had to make it through legs and abs before leaving, no matter what. Now, I’m not the type of person to only do certain muscle groups on certain days…I do everything all the time otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted a workout. This particular day I just knew I wouldn’t make it through everything, and when you’re that tired, it’s not always safe to be pushing your muscles to their max.

So I started with a really good leg and butt work out—those are my favourites because those areas are where I want to see change.

I did a couple sets of frog jumps across the room, weighted squats, dead lifts and lunges (front and side) for a total butt and legs workout of 25 minutes. Needless to say I was even more exhausted after that. My legs were shaking with each step I took and my butt adopted a constant twitch that made it uncomfortable to sit or stand. I was ready for home time.

But then—and this is where the trick comes in—I told myself, “do 50 crunches before you go or else you’re complete failure.” After all, 50 crunches only takes about a minute to do…so I did it.

But once I got to 50 I thought it would be worthless to stop and NOT make the most of the burn I was feeling in my stomach. So I started doing bicycles, Russian twists and some leg raises as well.

I ultimately tricked my body into doing 10 more minutes of physical activity just by telling myself to do it. You’re like your own personal coach. If you’re hard on yourself, you’ll do the work. Just make sure you’re convincing enough that you believe in yourself like a coach would!

So the next time your bed calls your name just a little louder than the gym, tell yourself to do 50 crunches or 50 squats, or 50 push ups, and I promise your body will be ready for more once you do!



Exercises for Those Lazy Days: Just STAY STILL.

FINALLY! Exercises for those lazy days. All you have to do is stay still!

Thanks Brightside 🙂

I just did this and let me tell you, it worked my butt and hamstrings pretty well!

Give this one a try and you won’t regret it. It’ll only take you about 10 minutes and you’ll feel great afterward.

Let me know how it goes!




Anyone like adventures? Head to St. Malo

Friday was one of the funnest days I’ve had in a long time.

I went on an adventure to St. Malo, MB with four great people. We got our vehicle stuck in knee-deep snow. And while trying to push it out I might have fallen flat a couple of times, only to end up with damp jeans and what felt like the droppings of a snow cone in the bottom of my ankle boots.

But when we finally pushed ourselves out of the snow, we did a lot of exploring (mostly on foot because we were too nervous to drive the SUV onto dirt roads again).

The first place we found was called La Grotte. It was a church within a grave yard that was either abandoned or left alone for the winter. The inside was beautiful. It had stained glass windows, wooden floors and benches, a (somewhat-creepy) statue of a nun laying in a glass case at the front…(Catherine may have thought it was a real body), and it even came complete with a love letter written in 2004.

The letter wrote:

Aug 02/04

On July 31/04 my boyfriend brought me here and proposed to me. For years this beautiful place has brought me peace within myself and I was able to share this place with Arturo. All my life I prayed for a man whom believed as much as me and whom would help my belief in God stay strong. On July 31/04 the good lord brought us here and answered my prayer. He united us into one. I love our God so much and we will be forever thankful. We want to live our life for you, for you gave yours for us.

❤ Alway Mary K + Arturo C.L


I felt lucky to have found it. It was laying there, as if it was left right where Arturo proposed. We got to share Mary and Arturo’s love story and I couldn’t help but think we were supposed to find them. So we tried!

We started with social media and the internet, searching for their names. We got excited when we found an Arturo C.L, but that excitement dwindled when we saw he lived in New Mexico.

We even asked some locals if they recognized the names. It’s a small town so there is a good chance of that. No one recognized them.

Our time was limited to find a story so we couldn’t afford to do a more thorough search, so we tried something else. One of the locals told us about an animal therapy centre that helps kids deal with with certain disabilities or anxieties by pairing them up with what you might call their “spirit animals.”

This place housed fainting goats, a mini pig, miniature horses, full sized horses, sheep, chickens, a blind rooster and kittens.


This was an unexpected find, but I guess finding treasure is usually somewhat unexpected. Needless to say we found our story there, but you’ll have to come back  to visit Sincerely, Kristi next week to read it!

The entire trip was beneficial. It made me realize I need to explore our province more, because there are amazing things to find everywhere. And it also gave me quite a good workout! When I woke up Saturday morning my shoulders were extremely sore from pushing the SUV out of the snow, and my legs were sore from hiking up and down heavily snowed in paths. Talk about resistance training.

See you next week when I reveal the story behind the St. Malo animal therapy centre.




For All The Super Humans: Appreciate yourselves

Many of us have busy lives. We have so much going on that the amount of things we’re expected to be good at is almost unreal and I’d go as far as to say, unnatural. There are only a handful of “super humans” in this world. They are the ones who go around doing everything for everybody else, and attaining perfection in those things without ever complaining about having to do them. These people never get to do things for themselves and probably don’t even know how to because of how busy they are.

I won’t say I’m a super human. In fact, I complain a lot—internally…okay sometimes externally too. I wish I had more time to myself and I wish I had more time to spend with my family. I wish I wasn’t expected to be perfect in ten different areas of my life while still maintaining an actual ‘life’, but I also know the fact that I am expected of these things, says someone must believe I’m capable of it.

Going into next week I think it’s important that we appreciate our super human capabilities…even if they’re only at a subpar level right now. We need to start giving ourselves more credit for the amazing things we do, for the things we put our bodies and minds through.

You are becoming more and more a super human ever day that you manage to get the shit done that you didn’t think you could. And when you manage to sneak in a workout, hangout, or even when you manage to pass out in the midst of all that shit and you STILL get it done…well my friends, you’ll know you’ve made it.

This week, appreciate yourselves and comment below about one thing you did that you’re proud of. Here, I’ll start it off! – Last week I managed to work out three times during my school week, which is the most I’ve been able to do in a while.




I took a walk where many dare not go alone

A little off topic today but thought this was important to share. There is some walking involved so not completely off strategy from a fitness blog…

As someone who has worked in Winnipeg’s Exchange District for three years, I consider myself pretty comfortable with an area that some people have fair reservations about. Of course there are areas of downtown that are worse than others—areas where you’re more likely to have a stranger uncomfortably confront you—and that area for me is between Ellice and Portage Ave. along Donald St. (AKA the area surrounding Giant Tiger)

So, when I heard about the City’s plan to build a $20,000 art project in a back lane directly in the middle of that area, I was obviously skeptical.

But I’m not one to bad mouth anything unless I have proof or reason to, so in order to see what appealed to Downtown Winnipeg BIZ about that particular spot… I naturally decided to go for a walk there—alone.

See, I thought that if I could go on my own and feel comfortable and tour the area without fear, that my doubts about the project would go away. I hoped it would allow me to embrace the beauty Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is trying to incorporate into a less-than-beautiful area.

I wasn’t paranoid, and I can say that with absolute certainty. In fact I went with great calmness with my camera in hand, hoping I could at least get some nice photos out of my Saturday afternoon walk.

Well that calmness only stuck around until I reached Ellice Ave.—just one block away from my destination. At that point people’s eyes were fixating on me for longer and longer as I submerged myself deeper into what I’d call the danger zone of Winnipeg. And in the middle of a Winnipeg January my body temperature rose when my confidence in my safety started going down.

Then, just when I needed someone to tell me I was crazy, that it was all in my head, a man approached me. I couldn’t make out the majority of what he was saying. I listened for the amount of time it took for the red hand on street light to turn into a glowing white walking man, and all I caught—all I needed to hear—were the words, “Miss, I lost my glove (he was wearing two). I know I left it around here. Can you come with me to look for it.”

I wish that man the best of luck finding what looked like the glove he already had on his hand, but I worry such encounters that target people more naive than me, will be the number one issue with this back lane art project.



(Featured image was taken one block over from where the art project will take place. It is not an accurate representation of the lane where the project will be. The following photos, however, are from the project lane.)

For Coaches: Thanks for helping us be great

This week I’m dedicating to all of you coaches out there who dedicate countless hours to making your athletes better. And I’m not just talking about making them more talented in sport, I’m mostly talking about how you make them better people, without even trying.

Shari Hebert was my coach for enough of my life that she became my second mom. I can’t say enough amazing things about her and I know there are many athletes out there who feel the same about their coaches.

Please watch this special video that I completed as a media production project titled Who am I— a project meant to highlight a person outside of your immediate family who has had a positive impact on my life.

I’d love to hear about the special influencers you have in your lives as well! If you’d like to acknowledge a coach or mentor, write them in the comments and tell me a story about how they helped make you, you.


Thanks for watching.