Getting Fire Under Your Butt for the Holidays

I know it’s been a while, and I’m terribly sorry. BUT, this is an important time to post so you guys can get some motivation to workout for the holidays!

During the winter it’s always hard to find that fire that usually gets your butt to the gym. It’s cold outside, so we tend to use that as an excuse. There are a lot of gatherings, whether with friends or family, which makes it hard to find the time as well.

Not to worry though, Kristi has a solution for you! This 20-minute (not even) muscle busting and burning yoga video!

This is one of the best short workouts I’ve done yet. It’s only 17 minutes guys, and you can do it in any room of your house, so you have no excuses!

I know a lot of you are probably saying “in 17 minutes you can’t do a real work out…” well, to those people I say do this video. You feel it working after the first exercise, and when you’re done you feel like you’ve done wall sit for 5 minutes and completed 300 crunches.

I’m challenging each of you to do this, and you should let me know if you do! I believe everyone has 17 minutes to spare this holiday season, so grab a friend or do it alone. Also, subscribe to sadienardini‘s page! I’m sure she has other great videos to follow if you’re feeling up to more before the New Year!

Happy Holidays and please have a safe and happy New Year.




3 Little Words

3 little words. They can really change a person. They can build you up and make you better.

It was May 31 when my boyfriend and me were sitting on the couch and he looked over at me and said “give me $20.”

Naturally, I asked what for. He said we should bet who can exercise the most during the first week of June. “Whoever wins gets the money, and if we tie, we take the money and go for lunch together,” he said.

For anyone who knows me, you’d know I love being challenged by a man. Nothing makes me more motivated than being able to kick a guy’s butt in something. So I thought, well hell, it’s a win-win for me, because I’m either going to win (I wouldn’t allow myself not to) or I’d get to have lunch with my guy.

So…we both put down a $20 bill.

We are nearing the end of week one and I’m in the lead! And all it took was three days of working out in a row to get me hooked. Once you start feeling your muscles tightening up, or you overcome being sore and just work out anyways, you’ll feel amazing about yourself.

I used to do a hard work out and then used that as an excuse not to do anything physically active the next day. But this bet brought me back to the consistency of training in sport, and I realized how important it is to continuously workout so your muscles can build memory and then give you the results you want!

So I challenge you….Find a partner and put some money on the table. Even if it’s just $5. You might surprise yourself with how active and consistent you can be, AND you might end up just a little bit richer if you don’t give up. It’s only a week, let’s see what you can do!




For Anyone Wanting to Tone Their Butt

I recently found this Cosmopolitan article on Pinterest called 9 Butt Moves that beat squats.

Naturally I tried it. I love my butt and leg workouts and I know a lot of people who A) want a better butt and B) hate doing squats.

I didn’t time myself doing it but I think it took me around 10 minutes to get through the whole thing—WHICH IS VERY DOABLE FOR MOST PEOPLE— so really there are no excuses not to try it. (AND it’s very easy to do while watching a movie or TV, so you can catch up on The Bachelor while you tone your butt.)

The exercises switch between floor work and standing work and focus on different areas of your butt, which is very important if you want an actual transformation down there! Only doing squats will only help strengthen, not transform.

You can find the exercises here:

Give them a try and let me know what you think. I absolutely love them. They make me somewhat sore the next couple of days, but I’ll have to use ankle weights the next time to really get the soreness I look for after a workout.



For Anyone Looking for a Challenge: Join me in junkless January!

I know what you’re all thinking.

“a whole month without any junk food!? Yah right.”

“I can’t even go two days without a cookie.”

“What will I treat myself with after a hard day?”

At least those are the things I thought when junkless January was just a thought in my mind.

I have done a few similar challenges before and all were successful, AND all were possible.  I’ve been known to be somewhat of a cookie monster because my primary food and beverage combo is cookies and tea, so for those of you who have a weakness like I do, this challenge is for you. It wont be easy, but nothing worth doing is, and that’s why it’s called a challenge. But the good thing is, I’m here for you, and if you can get one person on it with you, you’ll have a much easier time than I’m having!

SO…grab a partner, shake each other’s hands and agree to go into this junkless journey together. I promise that after one week, you’ll stop having as many junk food cravings as before, and after two weeks, you won’t even really think about it anymore. In fact, the last time I did this, I even felt sick after having my first treat day, because my body didn’t like the sugar anymore.

Here’s the best part…IF you decide to join me in this and you give in because you had to take a bite out of a delicious homemade brownie that your grandma brought over and told you”it would just kill her if you didn’t want to taste her famous recipe…” that’s fiiiine, don’t worrrry! You’re not a failure, you just need to make it up to all of us who are counting on you to be strong with us this month. SO, for EVERY BITE you take out of a treat this month, you owe me 40 push ups. Let me rephrase that actually, you owe it to YOURSELF to do 40 push ups!

Good luck with it! I hope some of you decide to join me in this challenge, and if you do please comment and let me know so we can lean on each other 🙂 Again, I’m here for you, so comment when you’re feeling weak, and even comment when you’re feeling strong! It might help motivate others.



For the Sporto: Love what you do

Since I retired from rhythmic gymnastics, I’ve found it very hard to be motivated to go to the gym. I went from training 22 hours per week as a gymnast to working out 3-4 hours per week in the gym. You’d think it would be easy for me to do only 3-4 hours, but the problem was that I didn’t like going, and I still don’t.

My advice to you today, is find a method of exercising that you love and do it.

When I was training full-time, yeah it was hard work…very hard, but I loved having a place where I saw myself grow as an athlete every day and achieve goals over time.

gymedit2 (This was the first routine that qualified me for Elite Canada finals. Elite Canada was the highest level Canadian competition each year, and you have to be top 10 in your age group to qualify for finals.)

Gymnastics was my great escape. Whether I was tired, upset, angry or happy, I had a routine that allowed me to leave my own mind for a minute and a half (the length of a routine) and just focus on being the best gymnast—rather than the best person, student, coach, daughter, sister, friend AND gymnast— I could be.

With the craziness that life hands us every day, I believe that everyone needs an escape. Whether you find that through a minute and a half routine or a three and a half hour practice, the point is that you find it.

My goal now, is to find a contemporary dance class every week. It’s the closest thing to rhythmic gymnastics that I’ve found so far, and the dances are often to music that I connect well with.

For those of you who don’t know what you love yet, go out and experiment with some different sports. Go for a tennis lesson, find an intramural dodge ball league, join a beer league for hockey, play squash, go lazer tagging with your friends (it’s awesome cardio!) Whatever you think you could enjoy, do it. And if you don’t like it, stop! (but don’t let your team down if you do stop. Always find yourself a replacement…)

Life is about doing things that help you grow, and help you be happy. Sometimes those two things don’t go hand in hand, but if you can find something that lets you do both simultaneously, then I think you’ve found your sport.



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