So…What Now?

I’ve officially come to the end of my first year of Creative Communications! Not even competitive international rhythmic gymnastics has taken me through as many emotional ups and downs as this program. But I have to say I’m pretty effin’ proud I did it…not everyone can.

So what now?!

Summer has a few exciting things in store. In May I’ll be travelling to Chicago with a large group of school peops to tour some big studios. I’ll be working with the Red River Ex doing their social media in June. I have two weddings booked for my photography business and I’ll be helping my ever-handsome boyfriend out in his Marketing company Exchange Digital PR, too!

Overall I’m excited for the next few months. Being able to be outside and relax a bit. Mostly though, I’m extremely excited to A) make some money and B) HIT THE GYM! Though I’ve been mostly doing home workouts in the past little bit, I’m going to make an honest effort to get to the gym I pay for, so I can lift some weights and get my tone on.

I made a deal with one other girl in my program that we will go to the gym everyday until Chicago (May 2). So…get ready for some new posts about some new exercises I try!

I went today and decided to warm up by skipping instead of going on the treadmill or Elliptical. I used to skip back when I was a gymnast and I really missed it! It takes coordination, fast-twitch muscles and a lot of stamina, but it works completely different muscles, which is always a plus!

If you know how to skip, try this warm up and let me know what you think! It’s tough, so if you haven’t skipped since elementary school’s Jump Rope for The Heart days, you might need to work up to this one:

60 feet together skips

30 side to side skips (feet together)

60 normal skips (switching feet in between)

30 high knee skips (bring you knees up as high as you can!) – This one feels amazing!

10 doubles (rope goes around you twice while you’re in the air) – if you can’t do this one just do big tuck jumps  10 times 🙂

60 side to side skips (yes… again)

50 backward skips

40 normal skips

30 feet together skips

20 doubles or tuck jumps

10 slow normal skips.

DONE! Now you can continue onto your workout. But if you’re used to more cardio, feel free to repeat it.






For the Sporto: Love what you do

Since I retired from rhythmic gymnastics, I’ve found it very hard to be motivated to go to the gym. I went from training 22 hours per week as a gymnast to working out 3-4 hours per week in the gym. You’d think it would be easy for me to do only 3-4 hours, but the problem was that I didn’t like going, and I still don’t.

My advice to you today, is find a method of exercising that you love and do it.

When I was training full-time, yeah it was hard work…very hard, but I loved having a place where I saw myself grow as an athlete every day and achieve goals over time.

gymedit2 (This was the first routine that qualified me for Elite Canada finals. Elite Canada was the highest level Canadian competition each year, and you have to be top 10 in your age group to qualify for finals.)

Gymnastics was my great escape. Whether I was tired, upset, angry or happy, I had a routine that allowed me to leave my own mind for a minute and a half (the length of a routine) and just focus on being the best gymnast—rather than the best person, student, coach, daughter, sister, friend AND gymnast— I could be.

With the craziness that life hands us every day, I believe that everyone needs an escape. Whether you find that through a minute and a half routine or a three and a half hour practice, the point is that you find it.

My goal now, is to find a contemporary dance class every week. It’s the closest thing to rhythmic gymnastics that I’ve found so far, and the dances are often to music that I connect well with.

For those of you who don’t know what you love yet, go out and experiment with some different sports. Go for a tennis lesson, find an intramural dodge ball league, join a beer league for hockey, play squash, go lazer tagging with your friends (it’s awesome cardio!) Whatever you think you could enjoy, do it. And if you don’t like it, stop! (but don’t let your team down if you do stop. Always find yourself a replacement…)

Life is about doing things that help you grow, and help you be happy. Sometimes those two things don’t go hand in hand, but if you can find something that lets you do both simultaneously, then I think you’ve found your sport.



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