Exercises for Those Lazy Days: Just STAY STILL.

FINALLY! Exercises for those lazy days. All you have to do is stay still!

Thanks Brightside 🙂

I just did this and let me tell you, it worked my butt and hamstrings pretty well!

Give this one a try and you won’t regret it. It’ll only take you about 10 minutes and you’ll feel great afterward.

Let me know how it goes!





For All The Super Humans: Appreciate yourselves

Many of us have busy lives. We have so much going on that the amount of things we’re expected to be good at is almost unreal and I’d go as far as to say, unnatural. There are only a handful of “super humans” in this world. They are the ones who go around doing everything for everybody else, and attaining perfection in those things without ever complaining about having to do them. These people never get to do things for themselves and probably don’t even know how to because of how busy they are.

I won’t say I’m a super human. In fact, I complain a lot—internally…okay sometimes externally too. I wish I had more time to myself and I wish I had more time to spend with my family. I wish I wasn’t expected to be perfect in ten different areas of my life while still maintaining an actual ‘life’, but I also know the fact that I am expected of these things, says someone must believe I’m capable of it.

Going into next week I think it’s important that we appreciate our super human capabilities…even if they’re only at a subpar level right now. We need to start giving ourselves more credit for the amazing things we do, for the things we put our bodies and minds through.

You are becoming more and more a super human ever day that you manage to get the shit done that you didn’t think you could. And when you manage to sneak in a workout, hangout, or even when you manage to pass out in the midst of all that shit and you STILL get it done…well my friends, you’ll know you’ve made it.

This week, appreciate yourselves and comment below about one thing you did that you’re proud of. Here, I’ll start it off! – Last week I managed to work out three times during my school week, which is the most I’ve been able to do in a while.




For Parents on Halloween: Train or Treat – It’s your call!

Hey parents and guardians out there, Halloween starts now! So here’s my challenge for you!

For every chocolate bar your kids collect in their sack this Halloween, you do an exercise. Don’t be scared, I know that seems like a daunting task, but don’t worry, I’ll switch it up for you to keep it fun and interesting! When the trick-or-treating is over, let the kids do what they always do — dump out all of their earnings into a pile to study what they want to eat first. When that step is complete, here is where your challenge comes in, and I suggest getting the kids in on this part too!

Separate all of the chocolate bars/candies into categories (e.g. Twix in a pile, Oh Henry in another, Fuzzy Peaches in another etc.)

Now, count how many are in each pile. However many you have in each is how many of a certain exercise you’ll do! This is how your work out will go:

Twix = 2 Push ups per bar

Smarties = 2 full sit up per box

Oh Henry = 1 squat per bar

Kit Kat = 1 jump squat per bar

Coffee Crisp = 1 side lunge per bar (switch legs each time)

M & M’s = 2 bicycle crunches PER M & M (That’s right, open ’em up and see how many you got! Eat them after to treat yourself for your hard work…why not 😉

Aero = 1 reglar crunch per bar

Fuzzy Peaches = 1 tricep dip per pack (off of chair/couch…)

Sour Patch Kids = 5 calf presses per pack

Make sure to complete each exercise group before moving on to the next to get the most out of this!

E.g. If you got 8 Twix bars, do your 16 push ups before moving on to the next group of exercises.

As always, be safe in your exercises and be safe out there while trick or treating too. If you are not sure how to do an exercise properly, Youtube is a great source to figure it all out!

Have fun with this challenge and have a scary, haunted, happy Halloween.



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It’s SQUATtober!

Welcome back everyone! I know last week I ended off by saying we will be doing some of my favourite “strange” exercises this week, BUT I just came across Ace Burpee’s Instagram where he posted about a squat challenge he and his colleagues are doing throughout October. So, I figured it was a great chance to tell everyone about it so they have time to participate if they so choose!

The challenge is called SQUATtober. It lasts 31 days and this is what it looks like:

*Click to see SQUATtober Challenge *(Found on Ace Burpee’s Instagram page: aceburpee)

In Ace’s post he explains the reason behind all the squats and why we should be doing them—aside from it being awesome for your legs and butt obviously…

If you keep track of your squats all month, using the hashtag #SQUATtober I hear that Nott Autocorp and National Leasing will donate 10 cents to the Immigrant Refugee Centre of Manitoba AND Hospitality House Refugee Ministry for EACH SQUAT completed by anyone throughout the city! That means that if we get to 100,000 squats, we raise $10,000 for two incredible organizations.

I’ve done a challenge like this before and here are a few tips on how to get through!

1-if you’re not used to squats, watch a video on how to properly do them before starting this. Don’t let the challenge go to waste because you didn’t do them properly! You can find a short “how-to” vid in my first post called “For the Homebody.”

2-Once you get closer to doing 100 in a row, break them up into halves if you need! take a 5 minutes break in between.

3- If you find it is getting boring or repetitive, use the time to watch a favourite TV show you never have time for anymore, and watch WHILE you squat.

OH, and switch it up. Keep the squats going, but when you get half way, try doing 20 jump squats, 10 one legged on each side and so on… Don’t stop because you get bored with it. KEEP GOING and make it interesting for yourself.

4- Have a workout partner to be accountable to. I did this with my Mom the first time and it worked. We checked in everyday and made each other complete them. Neither of us missed a single day even when we were doing 250 in a row.

5- Stretch out your butt and quads afterward so that you don’t get too tight after all of this. Stretching is essential after all exercise.

Have fun and squat safe!



For Whoever Needs a Kickstart: It’s crunch time!

After last week’s break, I want to kickstart your weekend with some killer ab exercises that will make you feel so good about yourself, (and if you’re like me, it will make you feel okay about eating that cookie you really want-it’s all about balance really…)

You can do this anywhere guys, so take the 5 minutes and do it and then do it again if you want! And, if the numbers I’m giving are absolutely not possible for you because you are a beginner or injured, feel free to shed 10 reps/seconds off each exercise.

Let’s go!

-30 regular crunches

-15 table top crunches (same as regular but lift your legs up so knees are in a table top position and try to touch your heels each time)

-10 reverse crunches (see video for demo.)

-30 cross crunches (15 on each side) Or bicycles if you prefer.

-30 second plank (on elbows)

-30 mountain climbers (see video for demo)

-30 second plank (on hands – keep body straight)

-15 push ups


Run with high knees for 30 seconds. TIME YOURSELF, this will be tough so you’ll be tempted to count as quickly as your steps are going. If you don’t have a timer, you should be able to do 50 high knees in 30 seconds.

Get back down, and I want you to reverse the whole list so you’re starting with 15 push ups and ending with the 30 regular crunches. Try to end off by going for as long as you can in elbow plank. Try for 1 minute! You might surprise yourself if you make that your goal!

As always, I urge you to go above and beyond what I have written here. Working out is a bit like experimenting at first to see what works and what doesn’t for you. Likely if something isn’t working, you just need a reminder on the proper way to do it. Look up a video on youtube and you’ll find great tutorials 🙂

CHALLENGE: Combine “It’s crunch time” with “For the Adventurer” and “For the Homebody” for a real body treat! You’ll thank me when you see how good you feel afterwards.

Look forward to next week when we go over some truly new and somewhat odd exercises. They are some of my favourites.



© Sincerely, Kristi. All rights reserved

For The Homebody: Use what you’ve got to get legs you want

Today’s blog is for the “homebody.” You know who you are, and sometimes it’s me.
I’ve become fairly good at using what I have around the house. I will be giving a few examples of exercises that I love to do around the house, and guess what? They make me sore (in a good way) the next day, so I know they work.

A few things to keep in mind before we begin:
Leg zone 1 = legs at shoulder width (focuses more on the butt)
Leg zone 2 = legs about 4-5 inches wider than shoulders. (focuses more on inner thighs)
Light weights + many repetitions = aiming to tone muscles
Heavy weights + less repetitions = aiming to build muscles

Some of my favourite home exercises:
-Start by using your stairs for the warm up! I do about 10 up and downs (Meaning 10 times going all the way up and 10 going back down— not 10 all together.)
Going up: 1, 2 and 3 will be regular running, one step at a time OR skipping a step each time.
4 and 5 – hopping up, one step at a time, with feet together.
6 – hopping one foot and
7- you’ll change feet and hop on the other.
Take a break for the 8th one and do a regular jog up. The one footers will be tough.
9 and 10 – go up alternating between feet together and feet apart. So you’ll be doing a lateral switch on each stair. Each time you hit a new stair, you’ll have your feet together and you’ll stay there for two jumps (a jumping jack without the arms. OR challenge your coordination and add the arms, just be careful to not trip going up.

Going down – Don’t do anything fancy, just regular running to avoid tumbles!

That should get your heart rate right up there! It’s important to always do a warm up so you don’t pull muscles.

NOW, let’s kill your legs some more 🙂 Next comes squats (my favourite.)
For beginners, bodyweight (no additional weight) squats might be enough for you. I urge you to watch this video on how to do a proper squat before beginning.
If you are not using a weight, I recommend doing 30 in a row or however many you’re comfortable with, switching your leg zone in the middle.
Those of you wanting to use weights, it’s time to choose your weighted item! Don’t go buying things to work out. The point of this blog is to keep it cheep and challenging. I’ve been using a case of 12, 2L Perrier bottles because I find it is a good weight for what I want to do. Don’t go overboard!! If you body tells you no, listen. Because this is a fairly light weight but still challenges me, I do about 20 squats in a row for 4 reps. Take 20-30 seconds between each rep.
Keeping this squat position in mind, do 20 jumps landing in this squat. Right after, time yourself for 30 seconds and run on the spot with high knees. THIS WILL FEEL HARD. Keep your knees up as high and for as long as you can.

Lastly for today, I want to focus on the lower part of your legs. This is the part that looks great in a high heel— your calves. Grab onto a railing or do it without. (You’ll challenge your core muscles if you don’t hold anything— an added bonus 😉 ). You will be going high up on your toes and then lowering down (without touching your heel to the ground if possible), and you’ll do this 20 times. These are called calf presses or relevĂ©s to dancers. Do them slowly, counting for 1 count up and three counts going down.
*CHALLENGE: If 20 isn’t enough for you, do 20 more at a faster pace! You will feel the burn.

That’s it! I highly recommending doing more every day, but I think this is a good starting point for both beginners and people with some workout experience.
Next week I’ll be tackling a new audience and new muscle groups.
Sincerely, Kristi