For Anyone Wanting to Tone Their Butt

I recently found this Cosmopolitan article on Pinterest called 9 Butt Moves that beat squats.

Naturally I tried it. I love my butt and leg workouts and I know a lot of people who A) want a better butt and B) hate doing squats.

I didn’t time myself doing it but I think it took me around 10 minutes to get through the whole thing—WHICH IS VERY DOABLE FOR MOST PEOPLE— so really there are no excuses not to try it. (AND it’s very easy to do while watching a movie or TV, so you can catch up on The Bachelor while you tone your butt.)

The exercises switch between floor work and standing work and focus on different areas of your butt, which is very important if you want an actual transformation down there! Only doing squats will only help strengthen, not transform.

You can find the exercises here:

Give them a try and let me know what you think. I absolutely love them. They make me somewhat sore the next couple of days, but I’ll have to use ankle weights the next time to really get the soreness I look for after a workout.




2 thoughts on “For Anyone Wanting to Tone Their Butt

    • Do it! I even suggesting doing it twice through if you have the time. Once normally and then once with light ankle weights on for that extra burn. Such a good work out. I’m really loving this one.
      Thanks for reading 🙂



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