For Anyone with Chicken Wings for Arms: Try a push up pyramid

I don’t mean to insult you if you do have chicken wing arms, believe me I do too. It just means you’ve got super skinny arms without a lot of muscle. It isn’t a bad thing, but there are lots of people, like me, who want to build up some muscle to get definition in those wings! I used to do this back in my gymnastics days with one of my teammates, but recently my boyfriend re-introduced me to it.

Here’s what it is.

The Push up Pyramid

Grab a partner— you can’t do this alone. (choose one who will challenge you, NOT say it’s okay to stop….because you WILL want to quit before you even get to the half way point.)

Get into a push up position beside each other or facing each other.

Choose the person who will start— doesn’t really matter who, you’ll be doing the same thing as each other.

Once he or she does one push up, they wait in a high plank for you to do one. Then they do two when you finish, and you wait in the high plank until they’re done. This goes on up until 10. (So, e.g. Chris does 1— I do 1. Chris does two— I do two…etc)

*If it’s too hard to stay in plank all the way through this, just try to get as high as you can up the pyramid staying in one in between your push ups. Challenge yourself, and only when you think you can’t anymore, can you go down between the push ups. THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU STOP DOING PUSH UPS.

when you get to 10, guess what?

You’re not done… 😦

Sorry not sorry. You still have to go back down to one.


I know you can do it, because I didn’t think I could go any further when I went up to seven, then my push up partner pushed me (and I wanted to prove I could keep up with a man) so I kept going.

You CAN do it. If you slow down, that’s okay! The point is not to go as fast as you can, the point is to get through it all. So without a break between 10 and 10, start back going down. (Chris does 10—I do 10. Chris does 9—I do 9…etc.)

Here’s a bonus for you: You aren’t JUST working out your arms during this torture. My lower abs are sore for two days after I do this, which is a spot I know everyone wants to work on but don’t always know how to.


I’m so proud of you if you did it. Please comment below if you tried it and succeeded! I’ll give ya a shout out in next week’s blog post.




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